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Making the Grade: A couple quick considerations around site drainage & durability.


Ensuring proper rainwater drainage on the site is critical for the longterm durability of your home. If water is allowed to flow into the house, you might face problems like damage to surfaces, hidden moisture in your walls, and eventually, mold growth. Of course, quality construction also plays a role in durability, but good drainage is the first step in avoiding these problems. Some of the factors that will play a role in drainage on a building site include:

• Soil type

• The presence of ledge

• The level of the water table

• Surface and subsurface water

• Slope shape and direction

In most cases you can overcome any drainage challenges the site presents with some combination of grading, sophisticated drainage techniques, and internal pumps. However, some of these solutions also come with a higher price tag for site work and require additional site disturbance.