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Subzero temps? No problem.


A frigid February day and the snow was creakingly cold, but it was not a challenge for the crew!  Modules arrived, were set and connected by the end of the day.  That crane, by the way, was about 2 inches from the top of a concrete footing, now that's skillful parking! 
The top photo shows incoming module number 2. We always love watching the crane operator and boots on the ground maneuver the modules.  

The center photo shows the south orientation of the Living Room.  The room has been primed and is ready for finish paint.  Window and door casings are finish painted and we see a temporary ceiling, that will be opened up and, when finished, will reveal a lofty vaulted ceiling.  The windows on the floor, strapped in for transport, will be set into rough openings in the Basement Level.  

The lower photo is another fun shot of module number 2 coming in to meet the first placed unit, where you can see the Living Room on the right and a Bedroom on the left.  Pretty cool, huh?  We think so, in more ways than one!