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To arrive at base estimates for each of our designs, we’ve looked closely at historic pricing data on homes we’ve built over the last 5-10 years. This data informs where the numbers consistently land for each design, such that we can reasonably estimate what real costs will look like to build the complete home. And a complete home means everything from the full foundation basement to the roof ridge - a fully-finished, move-in ready cozy and healthy new home!

The number shown includes:

  • Excavation & concrete for a full basement foundation
  • BrightBuilt Home High-Performance double-stud wall assembly
  • Triple Pane windows
  • Standard interior finishes - trim, kitchen cabinetry, countertops, pre-finished
    flooring, paint
  • Standard interior fixtures - kitchen sinks, bath vanities, plumbing fixtures, showers & tubs
  • Standard exterior finishes - siding, trim, trellises & overhangs (where indicated), roofing, entry decks & railings
  • Mechanical systems - heating & cooling (yay! built-in air conditioning!), fresh air ventilation, efficient hot water heat

Something that’s tough to estimate from within the cyborg computer internet brain is exactly what your site looks like…. Is it flat, close to the road, and ready to tie-in to city utilities at the street? Or is it rocky, steep, heavily wooded, and hiding mysteries of ledge and geology beneath? The site work required for a given site could run from $30k for the simplest, most ideal ready-to build site, up to $130k and beyond, for those majestic, mysterious, beautiful, and private sites (about which many of us dream!). Once we sit down with you and begin to look at the details of your site, we’ll be able to plug in some well-informed approximations for what the site work is likely to cost. If you’re still shopping for land, we can also arrange for a builder partner near you to walk prospective lots with you and weigh in on the potential costs of building on a given parcel. 

If you’re comparing to other construction prices out there, be sure to ask questions about what is included and what isn’t. At the end of the day, everything has to be incorporated to complete the project (“Sure, you can build a home for that price, but…oh, did you actually want to hook it up to a water supply?!?"). We try to estimate for all of the numbers for a given project - such that you can realistically anticipate where your budget should be, or if there are some items that could be phased in at a later date, or added-in because the numbers look better than you anticipated (those are the moments we love!). 

Still have questions? Let's talk and we’ll walk you through our construction estimating tool - that can be tailored to your project!