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What regions do you cover?

At this time, we can construct, deliver, and complete a BrightBuilt Home within the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Do I need to know my budget?
How do I determine if it is feasible?

We don’t necessarily expect you to have a detailed budget going into your project, but it sure helps to have an idea of what you’re hoping to spend. Once we know that, we can help figure out if your wants and desires fit the size of your pocketbook. The baseline prices for each home can give you a sense of what’s doable for you.

We can build the standard model according to the base specifications, or we can make adjustments tailored to your lifestyle, and keep them within the parameters of your bottom line. The hopeful truth is that we’re the ones who can weave together the program and design in clever ways that will allow your budget to be met. We’ve done it in the past, and we’re confident we’ll be able to do it for you. Building materials do have a certain cost, and buildings can get expensive quickly.

Every project faces tough choices at some point in the process, and the key is to know what these choices will be before wading in too deeply. Our dedication to Attainable means that we’re committed to seeing your project built, so that it doesn’t end up beautiful only on paper.

What is the process?

This one might seem like a doozy, but it’s actually pretty simple! The answer does depend, though, on how you choose to build your BrightBuilt Home.

You have three primary routes you may choose: base BrightBuilt Home, modified BrightBuilt Home, or custom BrightBuilt Home! That is to say, if you are happy with one of the standard 14 designs as is, we can expedite the pricing process, help you identify a builder, and get the ball rolling lickety-split. If you would like to make some modifications to our existing designs, we will happily work with you to achieve the finishes, spaces, and interior arrangements that best address your needs.

And, of course, if you find that the existing BBH designs aren’t exactly, perfectly, just right for what you’d like in a new home, then we will help you get there by working with you to design a new, custom modular home.

What options do I have for finishes and details?

The world is your oyster! Virtually all finishes and details can be incorporated into your BrightBuilt Home. While all finishes must comply with our low-VOC requirements, and fixtures must be energy-star rated, the options available for realizing exactly the look and feel of your new home are veritably limitless.

With a great many choices available today that are low-VOC, and sustainably made and sourced, we can help you craft a home that is both just what you want, and good for you, too!

Can I add an entry or move and interior wall?

Absolutely! Any of the base models can be altered to suit your needs, provided all changes remain within the designed perimeter footprint. Windows and doors can be shifted, added, or subtracted, as long as the performance of the home is not negatively impacted. Truly, a great deal can be changed while retaining the look, performance, and functionality of your own personal BrightBuilt Home.

What if I want a garage?

Every design can incorporate a garage. The homeowner may opt to attach the garage, or leave it free-standing. It is also possible to plan for the later addition of a garage, if the homeowner thinks that might be of interest down the road. Our builder partners may choose to site-build the garage, or have it built as a modular component, depending upon its overall footprint and entry requirements.

Additional pricing would reflect these considerations, and can be included in the initial estimates for the focused pricing of the project.

Is it possible to create a custom modular design?

You bet. You are not restricted to the nine designs offered by BrightBuilt Home. If your site has specific requirements that our existing designs cannot address, or you have a specific desire for the look, spatial requirements, and size of your home, we are here to help!

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