"In Maine, minimalism is, quite simply, a natural fit"

In 2006, architects Phil Kaplan and Jesse Thompson began building their first high-performance structure, a 700-square-foot, net-zero-energy barn in Rockport. Interest in modest, affordable homes started growing after the 2008 global financial crisis, spurring Kaplan Thompson to launch a sister firm, BrightBuilt Home, in 2013. The Portland-based company now produces elegant modular houses for those wanting energy independence and uncomplicated construction...(read more)

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"Net-zero energy homes a
growing Maine trend"

Rising fossil fuel prices and the falling cost of renewable energy spark an interest among Mainers.

By Whit Richardson, May 13, 2014

Parlin Meyer, director of BrightBuilt Home, which specializes in pre-designed modular net-zero energy homes, said she receives as many as 20 inquiries a week from people interested in building net-zero energy homes. BrightBuilt Home is a subsidiary of Kaplan Thompson Architects in Portland... (read more)


"BrightBuilt Home introduces line of healthy, net-zero modular designs"

By Lloyd Alter (@lloydalter), July 3, 2013

A decade ago, architect designed prefab (preferably modern) was all the buzz, with Allison Arieff and Bryan Burkhart's book Prefab inspiring designers and the Dwell Home by Resolution 4 being seen everywhere... (read more)

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"The BrightBuilt Home: The modular home concept goes green"

By Janet Mendelsohn

The first night the Schuit family spent in their new modular home on Peaks Island last February, their then 6-month-old daughter slept through the night for the first time. “Coincidence? Maybe,” said Kelli Schuit. “But it’s a very quiet house... (read more)





By Cheryl Weber, September 9, 2011

Originally stick-built for real clients, this modular home merges middle-class affordability with net-zero status. (read more)


"PREFAB FRIDAY: BrightBuilt Barn"

By Bridgette Meinhold, January 16, 2009

The BrightBuilt Barn, located in Rockwood, Maine, is one of the super energy-efficient prefab designs of the year. A highly covetable structure, this barn/studio is not only a net-zero house — meaning it strives to leave no carbon footprint — it is also seeking LEED Platinum certification. While the current prototype was designed as a studio/workspace, the barn is constructed on 4-foot modules... (read more)