Building Dreams on Screen

The world of architectural design is exciting, rewarding, and filled with creative people adept at finding solutions. So when we were approached by the team behind HGTV’s Celebrity IOU, we had a feeling that although we had no idea what to expect, we would be up for the challenge!

May 30, 2023

Is Your Backyard Ready? Prepare Your Property for an ADU

If you’ve been following our blog and newsletters for a while, you’re probably fairly familiar with the concept of the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). So, let’s say you’re interested in the potential they could bring to your property. What happens next? To help simplify your fact-finding process we’ve put together a few key things to have in place to prepare for the addition of an ADU.

June 3, 2022

5 Reasons to Consider An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on Your Property

A lot has been written lately about the rise of intergenerational households. In this country it is commonly presented as a growing problem, as it is caused at least in part by reduced retirement security and adult children who wait longer to leave the nest than in the past. As much of the rest of the world has demonstrated, however, there are plenty of reasons why it makes good sense to combine households. If you are in a position to join households with your in-laws, you will likely find that everyone benefits from the arrangement.

March 16, 2018

ADU, ADU, to You and You and You

The ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) craze is gearing up to rightfully take over backyards, side yards, rural landscapes, and suburbia, with the aim to address housing needs in cities and for multi-generational households.

How to Know if your In-Law Flat is a Go: Deciphering your town’s zoning laws for accessory dwelling units

Ever since we came out with the In-Law Flat and Guesthouse, a number of our respective Mother-In-Laws have been dropping hints that they’d love to set one up in our (respective) backyards. It’s a compelling idea for a lot of reasons, and some of us do have some space on our lots for potential expansion, but questions abound. Do the lots suffice for an accessory structure? Does the town permit ADUs, and under what conditions? Are cookies and free childcare implied in the arrangement?

BrightBuilt Home Press Release

Have you been watching the latest developments on accessory dwelling units? You might be interested in an exciting new offering that we’re rolling out here at BrightBuilt Home. We are officially announcing our new In-Law Flat and Guesthouse, as a featured addition to our current zero energy homes portfolio. With this home, we aim to meet new demands for accessory housing, and help current homeowners expand their options for housing family members, creating rental income, and creating opportunities for aging in place.


You may have cash in hand, or you may be going to your local lender, but in either case, it's wise to know some options for how one can come to own his or her own BrightBuilt Home In-Law Flat and Guesthouse. We’ve been talking to local banks, and have honed in on 3 of the most straightforward ways to add this tidy little living space to your property.