The Excitement Begins

When you build a new home, you are setting out on an exciting journey. There will be hikes, there will be strolls, there will be forks in the road. As with any journey into a land not yet explored, it’s smoother if you bring along a guide — someone who has been down the road before, and can anticipate what a curve in the road might mean, or how an opportunity might be just over that rise. At BrightBuilt Home, we are that guide. We help you find the right design, the right builder, the right price, the right path…to your new front door.

Step 1: Design

Step 1:


Our design team then works with you to develop a home that suits your lifestyle and your wants and needs. With a careful eye to placement of the home in your site, we ensure we’re maximizing on solar potential, views, sight lines, entries, and approach. From locating the home on your site to helping you pick out your kitchen cabinets, we guide you through the whole of the design process.

By finalizing the design, and the programmatic needs of the home, site placement, finish selections, and any added structures, we can also help you get a long way down the road to the final all-in costs for the project. This front-end decision making lends itself to price predictability, and, accordingly, alleviates the budget-anxiety often felt with custom design/build projects that can meander through a drawn out decision process, change orders, and unpredicted delays.

Step 2: Offsite Construction

Step 2:

Offsite Construction

Why are most homes still being built the way they were 100 years ago? In an era of innovation, traditional residential construction is entrenched in old habits...

We aim to break those habits by engaging off-site construction practices. Your new home will be built in a climate-controlled environment, not a torrential downpour. Your new home will be carefully measured, precision framed, and mindfully trimmed and detailed, not hastily assembled when it’s 15° out.

Materials will be purchased and used to maximum efficiency, and their cost will be known at the outset of the project, not when it’s time to put in the order. Building the bulk of the home off-site also means that the construction time on site will be shortened, thus reducing impact on the neighbors and need for extensive long-term staging on your property.

Step 3: Set Day

Step 3:

Set Day

Just a single day, but a momentous one. This is the day when you see your vision come together. In the morning, the home arrives in sections. By the afternoon, you can walk around in each space, and begin to dream anew.

Step 4: Finish Out

Step 4:

Finish Out

The house is whole, roof is on, windows are trimmed and plumbing and electrical is installed…

It’s time for the finishing touches.

Kitchen countertops, siding and trim, decks and porches, mechanical systems, finish paint, and brand new floors come together in the weeks following the set, and together, they turn your house into your home.

Your builder, whom you’ve selected out of our roster or with our help, is your local resource — your conduit to the local deals, tradespeople, and insights that will help any project go smoother than if an outsider was dropping in for the duration.

Step 5: Celebrate!

Step 5:


Move in and relax. You're home.

“We’ve been through three winters in our cozy Great Diamond and I’ve never been so comfortable in any house I’ve lived in this far north. The huge south-facing windows provide solar gain and fill our house with light. The insulation holds the heat in so well that sometimes on a sunny winter day I have to crack a window!!”

  • Marian & Alex Starkey
    Falmouth, ME

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