Net-Zero Home Design

What is Net-Zero?

Simply put, "net-zero" is the process of end-using – or “netting” – zero fossil fuels to operate. To achieve net-zero, a home must have the ability to generate power (typically through photovoltaic solar cells), and must consume the equivalent or less of what it generates.

Net Zero Diagram

Most net-zero homes today remain connected to the local power grid, such that they may feed surplus electricity back into the grid, and likewise obtain power during long stretches of cloudy weather. At the end of the day, you’re running a fair and balanced operation (with no oil or natural gas expenses, to boot)!

Exterior View of a BrightBuilt Home.

Every BrightBuilt Home is designed to be net-zero ready, customizable, and built using modular construction. Out of well over 175 variants on our original existing BrightBuilt Home designs, no two have been designed the same.

What does this mean? This means you can really make any one of our designs your own, by working with our team to bring your dream to life. The existing designs serve as a known starting point. We then work with you, understanding the needs of your family's lifestyle and the site's orientation, and customize the design to suit just you and your views.