Net Zero Home Modifications

Modifying a BrightBuilt Home Webinar.

You may ask, "How many different Little Diamonds have you designed?" "What about Bungalows?" "...or Acadias?" And, well, the answer would be ALL of them! Out of well over 125 variants on our original existing BrightBuilt Home designs, no two have been designed the same.

What does this mean? This means you can really make any one of our designs your own, by working with our team to bring your dream to life. The existing designs serve as a known starting point. We then work with you, understanding the needs of your family's lifestyle and the site's orientation, and customize the design to suit just you(s) and your views.

The webinar below focuses on this process, by walking through some different variations that we have developed from our existing Vinalhaven, Sebago, and Cushing designs.