Yarmouth Little Diamond

Nestled in a nice three-quarter-acre lot in Yarmouth, this Little Diamond was selected and designed to be a quaint neighborhood home for a couple entering into retirement. The layout was designed to further maximize on the sun-drenched open concept of the original design, while taking advantage of added convenience and efficiencies, such as a connected mudroom, first floor office/den, and fully furnished second floor spaces for visiting family. The details of this house were curated to have a Scandinavian sensibility; simple, clean-lined, and functional. When paired with the lofty Little Diamond spaces, this aesthetic comes together to make sleek and clean feel warm and inviting.


Where: Yarmouth, ME

Who: Retired couple, grown kids that visit

Size: 2,000 sf

Year Completed: 2018

Builder: WP Clark and Sons

Manufacturer: New England Homes

Inside the BrightBuilt Magnolia.
Inside the BrightBuilt Magnolia living space.

Design Features

Design/model: Modified Little Diamond

Features: First floor primary bedroom, vaulted living room, loft with 2 bedroom second floor

Unique design features: Gas fireplace

Accessory structures: Mudroom (attached), 2-car Garage

Inside the BrightBuilt Magnolia bedroom.
Inside the BrightBuilt Magnolia hallway.


Size: .4 Acre

Orientation: 47° west of south

Type: Development, city sewer and water

Access: 50’ paved driveway

Outside view of the BrightBuilt Magnolia.
Outside view of the BrightBuilt Magnolia.


Blower door number: 1.46 ACH50PV

Array size: 23 Panels. 6.9kW

Actual Cost to operate: no data yet

Windows: Paradigm, triple pane

Close up outside view of the solar panels on the BrightBuilt Magnolia.
Inside the BrightBuilt Magnolia bathroom.

Energy Assessment

2,688 sqft.

Several graphs showing the efficiency of a BrightBuilt Home.

Main Floor Plan

BrightBuilt Magnolia first floor floor plan.

Upper Level Floor Plan

BrightBuilt Magnolia second floor floor plan.