7 Ways a Sidekick Can Save the Day


Not all heroes have Sidekicks, but those who do tend to have it a little easier. These allies take the daily, domestic stressors off a hero’s shoulders, so they can focus on other noble pursuits. Sidekicks protect their partner from elemental perils, keep the bad guys at bay or lock them away, and even harness the power of the sun to fuel various super gadgets. BrightBuilt Home has an entire fleet of Sidekicks to help you on your next mission, whether it be fighting crime or keeping a houseplant alive.

March 12, 2021

ADU, ADU, to You and You and You


The ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) craze is gearing up to rightfully take over backyards, side yards, rural landscapes, and suburbia, with the aim to address housing needs in cities and for multi-generational households.