March 12, 2021

7 Ways a Sidekick Can Save the Day

March 12, 2021

7 Ways a Sidekick Can Save the Day

7 Ways a Sidekick Can Save the Day

*This blog post makes reference to our Sidekick models, which in true Superhero fashion, have grown into full heroes with new names of their own! We've indicated the new names in bold where applicable

Not all heroes have Sidekicks, but those who do tend to have it a little easier. These allies take the daily, domestic stressors off a hero’s shoulders, so they can focus on other noble pursuits. Sidekicks protect their partner from elemental perils, keep the bad guys at bay or lock them away, and even harness the power of the sun to fuel various super gadgets. BrightBuilt Home has an entire fleet of Sidekicks to help you on your next mission, whether it be fighting crime or keeping a houseplant alive. There are many ways our Sidekicks can serve a hero, but here are just a few:

Permanent Abode

Don’t let the name fool you; a Sidekick (Torrey) does not have to be a larger home’s little buddy. With one- and two-bedroom options ranging between 560 and 750 square feet, the original floorplan offers living space similar to that of a condo, but without the late-night noise from the upstairs neighbor’s television. With an efficient footprint optimized for functional living, the Torrey provides all of the amenities we expect from a detached single-family home with less upkeep and no wasted space. Its compact size makes it a truly affordable option as a starter home for new buyers or a next home for downsizing retirees. Plus, with no utility bills, comfortable and low-cost living is guaranteed.

In-Law Flat

The Sidekick (Torrey) is a perfect place to stash the in-laws, whether for a quick visit or long term. When installed as an accessory dwelling unit, it achieves that fine balance of privacy and proximity. As they say, keep your friends close but your partner’s parents closer…

Exile for Teenagers

We love them, but we don’t technically want to live with them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could banish our teenagers elsewhere? Somewhere we can keep a close eye on, where we know they would be safe, and where we wouldn’t have to listen to their cyber-crust-electro music or watch them make embarrassing dance videos?

BrightBuilt Home even has a Sidekick for this. The 420 square foot Mini (Jordan)is a minimalistic ADU with a contemporary style even your teen can’t deny is cool. The included full bath and kitchen means the moment your beloved little one turns 18, you can even legally start charging them rent.

Classic Maine Camp

The Sidekick Camp (Highland) is our ode to keeping childhood dreams alive. Think of it as an adult treehouse, but without the four-inch gaps between the wall slats. The Highland is BrightBuilt Home’s reimagining of the classic lake house, ski lodge, and cabins we loved visiting in our early years and have always fantasized about owning. The lofted layout creates space for up to three bedrooms/bunk-rooms and two bathrooms in a relatively small floor plan. Ample glass keeps residents connected with whatever nature they choose to surround themselves with.

When not in the use, the Net Zero structure will continue to produce as much power as (or more than!) it consumes, making the space effortless to maintain regardless of occupancy.

Beginning of a Community

The modular construction, compact footprint, and design diversity of the Sidekick fleet make the perfect building blocks for small and cooperative communities. An optimized design process means every model can be cost-effectively customized to meet the unique requirements of each personal living space, while still maintaining visual cohesiveness across multiple structures. When clustered together, several Sidekicks can combine their super powers to create a self-sustaining neighborhood, symbiotically supporting one another’s energy needs and providing a new model for sustainable, communal living.

Not all heroes are Net Zero, but every Sidekick is. Like all BrightBuilt homes, the Sidekick, in its many capes and leotards, is always designed and built with your long-term well-being in mind. No matter which design you partner with, it will serve you loyally and stay by your side through everything life throws at you.

For more information on our latest ADU offering, check out the link below!