March 24, 2023

The BrightBuilt Team Continues to Grow: Introducing Alex Morin

March 24, 2023

The BrightBuilt Team Continues to Grow: Introducing Alex Morin

The BrightBuilt Team Continues to Grow: Introducing Alex Morin

We are delighted to welcome Alex to the BrightBuilt Home team, where he will be bringing his expertise in client communications and account management to the Project Pilot role. As a way to get to know him better, and to introduce him to our BrightBuilt family, we thought we'd ask Alex some of our signature pointed questions.

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from, where have you been, and how did you get here?

Hi! I was born in the Philippines, but have grown up in Maine and have lived in the Portland area for the last 15 years.

Why is Net Zero building important to you?

Net Zero is an amazing way to decrease our carbon footprint and it's a great way to really shift toward sustainability. Working at BrightBuilt and helping clients build their beautiful, safe, and healthy net zero homes is a great honor to have.

If the BrightBuilt Home team were to become stranded on a remote island, what role would you take on to ensure everyone's survival?

I would probably gather all the materials that we would need because I know that the team would be designing some sort of amazing survival structure. I would also probably be a good source of entertainment with my quick puns and dad jokes.

If given the option, which BrightBuilt design would you build and move into tomorrow?

I would move into the original Jewell. It’s really simple and beautiful.

A new sitcom about the daily antics of the BrightBuilt team has been picked up by all the major networks. Who is cast as you?

I would only be so lucky if Ryan Reynolds would play my character.

You have figured out how to place a BrightBuilt home anywhere; not just in terms of geographic location, but rather on, under, over, inside, on top of, or beside anything. Where is the first place you set one?

On a beach in Fiji.

And most importantly: What fashion trend did you use to rock that you now wish you could delete from your past?

Frosted tips is a phase I would definitely delete from my past, and with that, the baggy loose clothing I used to wear.