February 9, 2024

Look Who's Joining the Team: Welcoming Janie Arguedas

February 9, 2024

Look Who's Joining the Team: Welcoming Janie Arguedas

Look Who's Joining the Team: Welcoming Janie Arguedas

We are excited to welcome a new member to our BrightBuilt Home team of designers and high-performance fanatics. Meet Janie, who joins us in the Project Pilot role, bringing with her an exceptional eye for detail, artistry, and mission-driven concepts! As a way to get to know her better, and to introduce her to our BrightBuilt family, we thought we’d ask Janie some of our signature pointed questions.

Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from, where have you been, and how did you get here?

I am originally fromMinneapolis, MN, and moved to Portland at the beginning of 2024 after being in NYC for the past few years. 

I have family in Yarmouth and have always loved visiting Portland, so I actively sought opportunities to relocate over the past couple of years. I love the coastal city's charm and appreciate how down-to-earth and kind the people are here. I'm grateful to have finally made the move and the opportunity to work with such an incredible team!

Why is Net Zero building important to you?

I'm a mission-driven creative, passionate about sustainability and mitigating the effects of climate change.

I strongly believe that we humans are a part of nature, not apart from natureI love spending time outdoors and have a profound respect for Pachamama, otherwise known as Mother Nature.

I firmly believe that building Net Zero homes should become the norm and industry standard. I find great purpose in joining the BrightBuilt team and am honored to guide clients through the process of designing energy-efficient and high-performance homes.  

If given the option, which BrightBuilt design would you build and move into tomorrow?

I love each one of our designs, yet if I had to choose my dream home, it would have to be the Perkins…or the Little Diamond! 

If the BrightBuilt Home team were to become stranded on a remote island, what role would you take on to ensure everyone’s survival?

I have a background in Sculpture and love building things and creating environments. I would be the one scavenging for materials and resources, creating makeshift shelters and trying to make our situation as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. I also love a good adventure any chance I get, so I'd probably also seek out and find random things to be in awe and wonder of.

A new sitcom about the daily antics of the BrightBuilt team has been picked up by all of the major networks. Who is cast as you?

Aubrey Plaza, hands down.

You have figured out how to place a BrightBuilt home anywhere; not just in terms of geographic location, but rather, on, under, over, inside, on top of, or beside anything. Where is the first place you set one?

A treehouse! I've always dreamed of living in one.

And most importantly: What fashion trend did you use to rock that you now wish you could delete from your past?

Oh boy…There are definitely several phases and trends I've grown out of over the years! Yet I believe they've all helped me become the person I am today, so I wouldn't necessarily delete them from my past. The most cringe of them all, though, would have to be some questionable haircuts I got while in art school. 


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