Choose Your Own Adventure: Custom design in the BrightBuilt world

Choose Your Own Adventure: Custom design in the BrightBuilt world

Choose Your Own Adventure: Custom design in the BrightBuilt world

When you walk down the baking aisle at your local grocer, it can feel like a “Choose Your Own Adventure.” Maybe you love having freshly baked scones, but the last time you tried to make them from scratch, you put in salt when it should have been sugar. Good news for you, there are plenty of pre-mixed recipes that can get you started, if baking from scratch turns out to not really be your forte. You can, after all, still make them yours. Want them to be hot pink? You can do that! Maybe you’d like to use sustainably harvested, organic sugar? That’s an option! Or perhaps your grandmother’s lemon glaze can’t be beat and you’d like to incorporate that into the recipe. You can always put your own spin on the base, and you can rest easy knowing that the pre-mixed ingredients are a perfect blend to get you started.

BrightBuilt Home is (as we’re going with this analogy…) essentially your scone mix for homes. Our designs have been carefully planned to be energy efficient, oriented for solar gain, and warm and inviting to live in. They reflect our response to homeowners’ needs. Still, there is always an opportunity for customization built into the houses we have designed to make them exactly your own. Each one has a pre-ordained footprint and form, but within that space there is plenty of room for play. While the floorplans we have designed offer suggestions, there are multiple ways to shuffle the interior around. And though they might visually tend towards a traditional design vernacular, exterior and interior finishes can always be customized to shift the aesthetic to a more modern sensibility. Customization of a pre-existing plan can allow for an incredibly distinct look for each design.

It’s possible that out of our 12 designs, none of them quite fit what you are looking for (even if you combined features of two houses, which is indeed possible). Sometimes (as with our clients who were interviewed on our blog recently) the lot you are working with has odd setbacks and the orientation for proper solar gain has to be finessed. Maybe your dream house has long existed in your mind, and now you want to see it realized. We can still help you build, with a few extra considerations.

Modular design is determined by, (not surprisingly!), the size of the modules. Your house will be pre-built in pieces in a factory and then shipped to your site where they are set on top of one another. The modules generally ship within the parameters 14’ x 64’ segments, with opportunities to go narrower or shorter, depending on the overall scope and form of the final structure. They can be placed in any variety of combinations – side by side, lengthwise, or stacked - on a given lot and for a given design aesthetic. There is even some room for deviation from rectilinear design to create an accent piece connected to the house.

Unlike the pre-designed homes where the design process is focused on moving around pieces that already exist, a custom designed modular requires some extra design time with the BrightBuilt designers. So while construction fees might be similar to those of our pre-design houses, there will be higher design fees. Additionally, the you might want to have a little bit of cushion room in your timeline since the number of options in front of you when faced with a blank paper can sometimes feel limitless. We are here to guide you through it.

The most important outcome, whether you are building a home or baking, is that you can stand behind your results. And, whether you take the pre-mixed route or start from scratch, both ways can reflect who you are. At BrightBuilt Home, we help you to determine which ingredients will best bring out your own personal flavor and ultimately result in the most fitting home for you and your family.

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