July 2, 2021

Welcoming Anna Sprenger to the BrightBuilt Home Team!

July 2, 2021

Welcoming Anna Sprenger to the BrightBuilt Home Team!

Welcoming Anna Sprenger to the BrightBuilt Home Team!

We have another new person who has joined our BrightBuilt Home gang of designers and high-performance fanatics, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Meet Anna Sprenger, who hails from Vermont and brings a new and unique perspective to BBH by way of mad interiors skills! Yes, Anna will be our very own Interior Design guru - elevating our design services and providing that keen eye for color and detail. As a way to get to know her better, and to introduce her to our BrightBuilt family, we thought we'd ask Anna some pointed questions.

Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from, where have you been, and how did you get here?

Hi! I grew up in Vermont, just outside of Burlington, although I was born in Dallas. I completed my undergrad in Ontario with a semester in Shanghai and continued on to pursue interior design studies in Italy. I returned to the US last year, moved to Portland and was lucky enough to join the team here at BrightBuilt.

Why is Net Zero building important to you?

Our habit of drawing on the planet’s resources faster than they can be replenished means that we have a responsibility as designers, architects and builders to contribute to a drastic shift towards sustainability and longevity. Working at a place that prioritizes Net Zero building makes me feel like I’m doing a part to help move things in the right direction.

If given the option, which BrightBuilt design would you build and move into tomorrow?

I’d move into BrightBuilt’s original player, the Jewell. It’s simple, it’s linear and the design feels timeless. Not to mention flooded with sunlight. I’d add on the outdoor shower and fill the surrounding property with lots of dahlias and cedar.

If the BrightBuilt Home team were to become stranded on a remote island, what role would you take on to ensure everyone’s survival?

Same thing I do here in the office - interior designer. We are gonna be here on this island for a while, people. Might as well make these shelters into homes. OK I suppose I’ll fish, too.

A new sitcom about the daily antics of the BrightBuilt team has been picked up by all of the major networks. Who is cast as you?

Fingers crossed for Aubrey Plaza.

You have figured out how to place a BrightBuilt home anywhere; not just in terms of geographic location, but rather, on, under, over, inside, on top of, or beside anything. Where is the first place you set one?

I would put my Jewell way down in the deep ocean with all those tiny bioluminescent creatures and lantern fish. Finally some peace and quiet.

And most importantly: What fashion trend did you use to rock that you now wish you could delete from your past?

I used to wear this pair of bright orange cargo pants with matching orange wristbands that had the letter ‘A’ on them in the third grade. It was a criminally bold statement outfit and I’d still wear it today if I could.