March 12, 2020

Design Feature: The Torrey

March 12, 2020

Design Feature: The Torrey

Design Feature: The Torrey

Bigger isn’t always better, and the Torrey is evidence to back that up. Maybe you are ready for downsizing into your forever home, aging next to your children, or putting up a small structure at your family camp.  Whatever is it, we’ve got a Torrey for it. The Torrey shows you how it’s possible to live in a smaller footprint while still having the comfort and amenities you may have experienced in larger homes. Besides, it’s dang cute!

           Square footage:

Torrey (1 Bed), 560 SF

Torrey (2 Bed), 750 SF

First Floor

Well, technically this IS the only full floor. The beauty of the Torrey is that everything you need is on a single-level. The kitchen and living space is open plan. There are options for either one or two bedrooms, depending on the overall length of the home. There is often a single bathroom, which can have a shower stall or a bath, and even enough room for a double vanity. You can take advantage of a vaulted ceiling and have more windows for additional light, creating a feeling of grandeur. Most Torreys are designed to be 14 feet wide, with a maximum length of 60 feet.


The concept of tiny homes has gained popularity lately, and while they are efficient, often they are designed in a way that sacrifices amenities. A tiny home may only have a two-burner cooktop, no space to fit the bed for your dog-baby and make you revisit your days in a Laundromat. Not necessarily in the Sidekick! This house has room for standard appliances and room for a washer and dryer if you so desire.  You can think of the Torrey as the not-so-tiny, tiny home, conducive to living your everyday lifestyle.



The Torrey can be designed for wheelchair accessibility, and as such, is an excellent design for aging in place. Everything you need is on a single floor and is designed to be easily navigable. Additionally, an outdoor porch (which expands your square footage in pleasant weather) can have an optional ramp for ease of entry.



As with all of our designs, the Torrey is incredibly energy efficient. It is super insulated, has triple-glazed windows, and exterior shading trellises help shade the interior from the summer sun. The house is designed to be ready for photovoltaic solar panels, which when included in the build, turn the Torrey into a Net Zero house meaning it will produce as much energy as it consumes in one year. Pretty nifty, no?



If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that one of the benefits of building modularly is that it often happens at a much faster pace than site-built homes. Of all our designs, the Torrey is the speediest. Remember those toy cars that you pull back, release, and they zip off? Imagine signing a design contract as the pull back, and then away it goes. When the design arrives at the factory, it takes 8-12 weeks to be constructed. The systems for the Torrey are designed to come 80-90% complete from the factory, which means that though they typically include fewer “custom” finishes, when the house arrives on site, you can move in within a few weeks. (Don’t worry; there is still room for flexibility in aesthetics and design.)

While originally designed as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) for people to set in their backyards, as a guesthouse or additional space for family members, the popularity of the Torrey is a testament to how easily they can also make for stand-alone, full time residences. We’re pretty sure the Torrey is about to take over the world, so make sure you get on board soon.