December 16, 2021

What's it Like to Work with BrightBuilt Home? An Inside Look into the Full Design Journey

December 16, 2021

What's it Like to Work with BrightBuilt Home? An Inside Look into the Full Design Journey

What's it Like to Work with BrightBuilt Home? An Inside Look into the Full Design Journey

An early design drawing for Anne and John’s home

In order to shed some light on the design process of a BrightBuilt Home, we are kicking-off a new series of snapshots focusing on the experience from a client's perspective.

Over the next few months, we will be highlighting the story of Anne and John, the homeowners of the Mackworth featured in the 3D tour in our last newsletter. We'll be sharing their recollections on what brought them to BrightBuilt, how they navigated various milestone events during the design process, and how their vision for their home evolved along the way.

Milestone 1: Sign On and Design Kickoff:

1. What considerations were you prioritizing as you began your search for the right design firm?

A&J: Once we decided we wanted to build a high efficiency home, we began a search for designs. One of the key design elements was to find a design that captured the traditional elements of a Maine home while still providing the efficiency of a solar passive design.

2. How did you determine that BrightBuilt Home was a good fit for you?

A&J: After a lot of work reviewing internet sites, we had the opportunity to view a Mackworth under construction. We were impressed by the materials BrightBuilt utilized and the flexibility to modify existing design platforms to suit our needs.

3. Which base design(s) stood out to you from the start?

A&J: We loved the exteriors of the Great Diamond and Little Diamond, but quickly realized these platforms would not satisfy our space demands. We wanted the ability to have guest bedrooms for our grown children and grandchildren. The Mackworth and Perkins quickly became the platforms to consider.

4. How did the features/potential modifications of that design help you come to a final decision?

A&J: Before we moved to the design stage it was important to find the right land to site the home for maximum solar gains and achieve some desired features for the home. Once we found land we moved to the design stage to see if we could turn our vision into reality.

5. Were there any surprises during the initial design meeting? What were your general takeaways at the close of that meeting?

A&J: We had renovated several homes previously and we found ourselves always having to check the architect to make sure they weren’t designing their house, but rather focused on our house. We immediately developed a strong rapport with Parlin and felt that she really understood what we were looking to achieve. She quickly came upon a roof line to the Mackworth that captured our desire for the look of a Maine farmhouse. We walked away very optimistic and excited that we would have a design for our new home!

6. Did you have a vision for a specific feature in your home at that point?

A&J: [Our designer] Parlin will attest that we came with some pretty hard and fast design requirements:

  • We needed to have a heated four season sunroom-this is the room we spend the most time in and had to be a focal point of the house. I am not sure, but this may have been the first for BrightBuilt
  • It was important to have a fire place between the living room and sunroom
  • A large kitchen with island and pantry
  • A master bath with separate tub and shower
  • A walk out basement with an area for large family gatherings and spare bedroom

A thank you to John and Anne for sharing their experience and recollections on their design journey. Stay tuned for more insight on Milestone 2:  Design 1-3!