A Custom Fit: Design Feature, the BrightBuilt Custom Home

A Custom Fit: Design Feature, the BrightBuilt Custom Home

A Custom Fit: Design Feature, the BrightBuilt Custom Home

If you love our designs, but have found that, due to your site, your needs, or just your spatial preferences, the designs in our portfolio don't quite work: fret not. At BrightBuilt, we can develop a fully customized house plan for you - from scratch - to be built off site and delivered to your (potentially-particular) site, and perfect for you, your needs, and your bottom line.

In the above images, we demonstrate that high-performance doesn't have to look flashy or modern. This home, recently set and completed in Mid Coast Maine, looks like it's been there for 200 years!

Working with the BrightBuilt design team, these homeowners developed a layout derived from modern design trends and lifestyle norms, and set within a form that is straight out of the early 18th century.  With exquisite interior and exterior detailing, courtesy of the master carpenter who calls this home, the look, feel, form, and day to day are a perfect fit.  

In their own words:
"We would like you to know that the house design and function inside and out makes it the best house that we have ever built and lived in. It is not only well-sited on the lot, receiving ever-changing light throughout each day, but the overall layout makes the house very easy to move around in and live in. Our heartfelt thanks again to you for the excellent design work on the house!"

The custom pathway allows homeowners to marry the advantages of off-site construction with the architectural insights our office has to offer - resulting in a perfect balance of vision and execution.  

To learn more about our process, or to find out how we can help you bring your ideas to life, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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